Coffee & Pods

Our coffee section includes well-known brands such as Illy and Gaggia, as well as our own freshly roasted coffee like our Rainforest Alliance blend, which is an ideal match for people who enjoy the taste of Illy's whole bean coffee. Our Bourbon Dark Coffee is similar to Illy Dark and the Gaggia Intense Roasted Coffee is ideal for latte's and cappuccino's. 

If you enjoy Lavazza Coffee then you'll love our Supa Crema and our Blue Mountain Coffee. If you prefer your coffee strong and are more of an espresso lover, try our Italia Espresso or the Fairtrade Guatamalan from Antigua. 

Alternatively if you want your coffee with an excellent crema and a smooth taste, then nothing beats our Fairtrade blends. These are also ideal for all of our Bean to Cup Machines.

Coffee & Pods Categories