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Mobile Coffee Bar Machine Package

Mobile Coffee Bar Machine Package
Mobile Coffee Bar Machine Package
Mobile Coffee Bar Machine Package

Product Description

Over the past few race season Xpress Coffee have designed and built bespoke Mobile Coffee Bars that our Events Team have used at various race events and national shows where we have provide self contained XpressCoffee mobile coffee bars with both our full Barista Machines and set up as well as self serve Bean To Cup machines.

These Mobile Coffee Bars are ideal for events as well as a permanent fixture in self serve locations like garages, news agents, and offices. The unit are completely self contained with mains water adaptability and waste and come with ability to fit in most large Estate cars or small vans.

Small coffee vans can be very expensive and often are not practical to be driven very far. Our mobile coffee bars have been designed to fit in a large Estate car and our Events Team provide ours at locations all across the UK & Europe for global brands such as Honda, Milwaukee, Yamaha, and many others from shows and events where we serve a couple of hundred cups of coffee right up to our biggest event running The Honda cafe at the NEC where we often provide around 17,000 cups over the Ten Day show.

We can offer packages to suit and ideal for people looking to provide for small local events right up to national events like we do. The advantage to buying from Xpress Coffee is this is something we have developed for our own business over many years so we can help advise depending on your needs possibly even pass you work.

Xpress Coffee is one of the very few coffee companies that has its own in house service engineers so not only can we offer you the best advice but also we can provide all your on going support and servicing.

Xpress Coffee also specializes in bespoke Coffee blends, we currently roast the blends for the likes of Virgin Media, Honda, Milwaukee, Yamaha Racing, and Red Hot Restaurant group just name but a few all under our Trademarked XpressCoffee brand so we can offer you the whole package.

Please call one of our Sales Team or email us or look through our Photo Gallery to get an idea of what we do.